Gold Sponsor: Sider Corporation

Sider is a Tokyo-based software company committed to the improvement of the software development process. They are a spinoff of a public software services company, Fixstars Corporation. Sider serves over 15,000 developers in 30+ countries with an automated code review tool (Sider Review), and also provides a team management tool (Sider Team Insights) that aggregates developer progress data in a non-invasive way to improve team productivity.

Their latest tool, Sider Scan, is an advanced code clone detection tool that finds and monitors bugs caused by code clones with superior speed, high flexibility, and a practical user interface. It has raised the standard of code clone detection, and can automatically find bugs, and suggest how to fix them. Examples of bugs detected can be found at their website. Sider Scan is available for local devices as well as for servers. It can be downloaded free at siderlabs.com/scan/.